Raw City Dwellers is a collective documenting the transient urban world in the current Anthropocene era through narratives, mixed-media and art.

Mass global and local migration is changing the fabric of the metropolis. New cities are growing informally in the global south, while the regularized urban cores in the developed countries are undergoing urban decay and renewal.

Urban crisis, disasters, war, and conflict are displacing people all over the world. Some are becoming refugees and asylum seekers in new countries and others are displaced internally in their own cities. These people now live in the fringes, in camps, on the streets, ghettos, slums, and in seclusion appearing as abnormalities to the general public.

RCD is aiming to bring these people that dwell in these transient urban corners to the center stage of the urbanization process by telling their stories. By breaking stereotypes and myths fueled by media to misinform public, we want to contribute towards a renewed understanding of the role of migrants in shaping the cities of tomorrow. Without understanding them and the state of global mass-migration, city-makers, government officials, and the local public cannot move forward towards resilient, just, and sustainable futures.