Raw City Dwellers is a collective determined to expose the invisibility that lies on the edges of the city. It acknowledges the rough, unknown, unknowable, fearless, risk-taking, and the edginess of life beyond control. It is as much about cities as it is about the people that dwell in it.

It is about the people that live on the fringes; the ones who appear to be abnormalities. It is about the system that fails to acknowledge them; the system that criminalizes and then displaces them. But most importantly, it is the about people who still live happily and manage to negotiate conflicted spaces in order to finally be able to cross over. In the end, it is about justice, friendship, and poetry.

It is not about how urban planning defines the urban form, but it is about how form is the product of the people ‘self-organizing’. This certainly is not about beautiful architecture but the beauty that lies within its cracks. This is definitely not about creating a curated space, but about the evolution of the rejected narratives. This is about appropriation of space.